Welcome to Olivia May Stationery Boutique. I’m Olivia O’Brien, the founder. I’ve been a graphic designer for over ten years and graduated with a Hons B.A. Design degree in Visual Communications from the Limerick School of Art & Design. As well as working in graphics, I’ve worked as a journalist (I’m the Contributing Fashion & Beauty Editor for the Limerick Post newspaper) and a PR/Marketing Consultant with lots of event experience. Spending years promoting other people’s businesses, I always vowed one day I’d put the same energy into a business of my own, but never knew quite what that would be.

Then, in 2012, I married my boyfriend of seven years. Along with our friends and family, we headed to France for a huge party and had the time of our lives. Conor is also a graphic designer, so the wedding stationery was a big deal to us (well, it was a bigger deal to me to be honest!) I had helped friends with their wedding stationery in the past, but this time I had very fussy clients! We got there in the end I’m happy to report and my love for working with wedding stationery was cemented…

I’ve always loved words and letterforms, so working with them is a pleasure for me. In college, when others nodded off in typography class, I lapped it up. I love detail typography, and wedding stationery means so much to people, it’s a pleasure to put my passion into something they will treasure. Invites/Save the Dates are the first impression people have of your wedding, they help build anticipation and give little clues as to what your guests can expect from the big event. I hope, with the collections featured here, or through my bespoke design work, I can add something special to your big day.

(Wedding photo by Poppies & Me)

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