When you’re starting to plan your wedding stationery, it’s hard to know where to begin. Choosing your stationery will come after you know your theme and colours, so how do you get there?

A good place to start is the bridesmaids’ dresses, once you have these selected, the colours in the wedding palette will start to come together. Your own dress of course is just as important. What am I saying, it’s way more important! Sorry that I’m addressing this post to brides, and not as much to grooms, but in my experience it’s the brides that do all the research here… Of course some men are brides too! But who am I to give planning advice to gay men 😉 you’re probably more organised than I ever was! Yes I know it’s a stereotype, but going by the gay men in my life, it’s not that far from the truth!

I chose an ivory lace and tulle wedding dress, an ivory dress for my flowergirl Millie May too (and added a gold ribbon band to it), and was between mint green and lilac purple for my bridesmaids but eventually went with the purple (it just felt right for a French wedding! And no, I wasn’t going to Provence, but those were probably the pictures in the back of my mind that were inspiring me along the way). I chose ivory shoes for the bridesmaids too …this was the start of my wedding palette.

We matched the groom with me and he wore a beige-grey three piece suit with crisp white shirt and gold cravat and finished off the look with brown and cream brogues which worked well for our French rustic country theme. (If you’re wondering how we came to that ‘theme’, we booked a French rustic country venue – et voilà!)

The groomsmen complemented the bridesmaids in three piece navy suits but had the same white shirt and gold cravat as the groom so it all tied in together, and their shoes were a tan brown colour. I managed to find socks for the men in the same colour as the bridemaids dresses – they were actually lilac with a tiny navy polka dot that you could barely see, but it was such a good match I had to get them!

So you can see where my wedding palette started – lilac, purple, ivory, beige-grey, gold, navy, browns… and I knew there would be lots of green as we were having an outdoor event. The wedding bouquets too were cream peonies with green trim. For the invitations, the decision now was which of these colours I wanted to use within the stationery and how should I use them? Did I want to add anything else? It’s good to remember there are no rules here, YOU choose to do things the way YOU want when it comes to YOUR wedding. So it was time for us to finally start making some decisions about our stationery…

(Wedding photos by Poppies & Me)